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Great taste with everything you need to perform at your peak

The formula used by Champions

Scientifically proven health benefits

More than just an energy drink

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Easy to drink

With it's great taste and smooth texture, you'll never get tired of drinking E3 Champion Formula

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Simple to use

Add 60 grams of E3 Champion formula to a 750 ml bottle and shake well

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Proven Formula

With Protein, Carbohydates and Electrolytes, E3 Champion Formula has everything you need

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Peace of mind

E3 Champion Formula is made of the finest ingredients and offers great value for money

We've taken the original and

We've made it even better

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The winning formula

is now improved and enhanced

More Aussie content

We've gone back to our roots and increased the Australian content to 37%

All natural

We've used only natural flavours for peace of mind

A brand new look

Now with bolder graphics so you can spot it more easily in your favourite stores

Simpler ordering process

With worldwide distribution, you can get your E3 easier and quicker

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How does E3 work?

Protein is being increasingly looked towards for delivering sports and
lifestyle benefits. There is more to it than just building muscle.

There is emerging evidence that protein, when used appropriately in sports nutrition
products, can deliver

• improved endurance
• improved hydration
• improved body composition
• reduced post-exercise muscle soreness
• improved exercise recovery

When combined with the necessary Electrolytes, good sugar and Natural Flavours, the Whey Protein Isolate in E3 Champion Formula makes replacing lost nutrients and fuelling for extended effort simple and enjoyable.

Athletes notice a difference after the first bottle.

Plus it tastes great.

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