How does E3 work?

Protein is being increasingly looked towards for delivering sports and lifestyle benefits. There is more to it than just building muscle.

There is emerging evidence that protein, when used appropriately in sports nutrition
products, can deliver

• improved endurance
• improved hydration
• improved body composition
• reduced post-exercise muscle soreness
• improved exercise recovery

When combined with the necessary Electrolytes, good sugar and Natural Flavours, the Whey Protein Isolate in E3 Champion Formula makes replacing lost nutrients and fuelling for extended effort simple and enjoyable.

Athletes notice a difference after the first bottle.

Plus it tastes great.

We recommend preparing for your event by mixing 30 grams of E3 Champion Formula with 400 ml of water and drinking it 30 minutes before the start. Drink 750 ml of water with 60 grams of formula per hour or as required, during the event and finish off with 400 ml of water with 30 grams of E3 within 20 minutes of completion to aid in recovery.